Braddock Road Youth Club (BRYC) has had a rich history in the community since 1966. With growing numbers in the area, BRYC was created to ensure everyone got a chance to get involved in group sport activities. Starting with the first game in 1966, BRYC has brought group sports to an estimated 175,000 children. Every thing we do, our goal is to create and foster a positive environment for the children to grow and learn as indiviuals and as a team.  

BRYC continues to be a part of the community and bring parents and children together in sport. We strive towards being the best sports program in the area and take pride in our work with children. In 2006, we broke ground on Wakefield Park. BRYC was proud to lead the effort in forming a partnership with the Fairfax Women’s Soccer Association and the Northern Virginia Soccer League, and we put together a successful proposal for funding this new turf field.

BRYC Elite is the Travel Soccer organization of the youth club.  We have a rich history of developing elite players and teams including a current member of the MNT (Clarence Goodson) and 7 Virginia Hall of Fame players (Meghan McCarthy, Wendy Gabauer, Cindi Harkes, Amanda Cromwell, Mia Hamm, Jillian Ellis, and Julie Shackford) and 80+ State Champions, 40+ Regional Champions, and 5 National Champions:  BRYC Bluebelles (1984); BRYC Zephyr (1998); BRYC Warhawks (1999); BRYC 95G Elite (2012); and BRYC 99B Elite (2017)

BRYC Elite is governed by its Board of Directors (BOD).  The BOD oversees the financial and administrative functions of the club.  The player development direction, management and professional development of the coaching staff is governed by the Boys DOC/TD and Girls DOC/TD.