Refund Policy

BRYC Elite Academy Refund Policy

When the BRYC Elite Academy extends an invitation to join the program, the Academy makes a commitment to provide staffing, fields, and overall player development for the seasonal year. Therefore, acceptance of an invitation to join the BRYC Elite Academy is considered consent and a commitment to pay 100% of the Seasonal Year Club Fees, EVEN IF the player chooses to leave the team/program. Expenses of the Elite Academy are incurred accordingly, with many expenses incurred in advance. As such, only in special situations will the BRYC Elite Academy Program consider refunding (if paid in full) or providing relief (for installment plans) a portion of the Seasonal Year Club Fee. Any player meeting either of the two criteria outlined below is eligible for a partial refund or relief equal to a percentage of his or her Seasonal Year Club Fees.

1. Serious Injury: Any player who incurs a serious injury lasting more than 3 consecutive months in duration across the August through May timeframe will be entitled to a refund or relief equal to 15% of their Seasonal Year Club Fees IF no training or game participation has occurred during said period of time. Acceptable Proof of Injury, including length of inactivity/recovery, (subject to the approval of the BRYC Elite Academy Executive Committee) must be given at the time of the refund/relief request. Eligible players missing two separate periods of more than 3 consecutive months (subject to the same proof of injury requirements) of play during the August through May timeframe will be entitled to a refund or relief equal to 30% of their Seasonal Year Club Fees. Under no circumstances will an injured Player be entitled to a refund or relief greater than 30% of their Seasonal Year Club Fee.

2. Family Relocation: Player families who relocate outside of the DMV (metro DC/MD/VA area) prior to September 1 will be entitled to a refund or relief equal to 20% of their annual Seasonal Year Club Fee. Player families that relocate within the DMV (and continue to play in either CCL, NCSL, ODSL, DA, VPL and local ECNL Clubs) as of September 1 will not be entitled to any refund or relief due to relocation. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis after review by the Elite Academy Executive Committee.

To be eligible for any pro-rata refund, a family must be current on all payment obligations to BRYC

Note Regarding Team Fees: A return or relief of team fees may NOT be possible as the team budget assumed a certain number of players on the roster; families should discuss this with the team treasurer but should understand that just because the Club returns or provides relief of some portion of Club fees that does not imply there will be an associated team fee refund which would be a hardship on other team families.

Refunds/Credit for Suspension of Play due to Environmental Factors: In the event any season is disrupted by a suspension of ALL play due to environmental factors outside the Club’s control (i.e. weather, health pandemic, Acts of God, etc.), BRYC Elite Academy will make its best effort to make-up any lost playing time. If the disruption becomes significant and play cannot be made up, the Executive Committee will take into consideration all expenses incurred prior to determining any appropriate refund or credit.

Refund Request Process: All requests for refund (or installment relief) must be submitted in writing and must be signed by one or more of the player's parents or legal guardians. A copy of the signed request must be emailed to All requests for injury relief/refunds must be submitted within 30 days of the injury and no later than June 30th of the seasonal year.